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What is Acrylic Letters Sign Boards

Acrylic Letters Sign Boards are budget-friendly alternative to metal letters. Being highly durable in nature, laser-cut acrylic letters can create versatile sign board designs providing a very high-quality look. You can have virtually unlimited design options for your business sign boards when choosing custom acrylic sign letters. One of the properties of an acrylic material is that it allows light to permeate which helps in creating innovative signage light-effects like smudge, smooth and clear.

Features of Acrylic Letters Sign Boards

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Weatherproof
  • High-quality cast acrylic
  • Classy finish.

Different variations of Acrylic Signs like transparent, opaque and router-cut can be manufactured according to your requirement. Lightweight and durable, our acrylic letters for outdoor signs are guaranteed for life against fading, chipping or cracking of paint. What’s more, we can create acrylic letters from a wide variety of standard and custom fonts. At Chennai Sign Boards, we offer a wide variety of acrylic signboard options as follows

  • Thicknesses from ⅛: to 1”
  • Acrylic letters and logo with LED
  • Acrylic LED letters with ACP base
  • 8mm thick acrylic cut out letters direct paste on the wall
  • 10mm thick acrylic cut out letters with gold color MRF painting finish
  • 1.2mm thick SS base with acrylic panels vinyl paste finish
  • 3mm thick clear acrylic with reverse vinyl paste finish
  • Aluminum or brass metal laminate faces in brushed or polished finishes
  • Acrylic Cut-out letters & paneling on Stainless steel base
  • Acrylic embossed letters with acrylic base
  • Option to choose from standard pigmented colors or painted in your Custom PMS paint colors
  • Crystal ice finish - frosted face and sides with painted back
  • Metallic ice finish -frosted face and sides with metallic silver backer

Acrylic Letters Sign Boards Manufacturers in Chennai

Acrylic letters are a great option for outside use likebuilding and store signage. Its highly flexible nature allows it to fit easily. With sharp and crisp edges, acrylic letters are an inexpensive way to get the exact look you want. We deliver you a perfect presentation with any numbers or letters you choose. Our water jet cut Acrylic letters have a lifetime warranty against fading, chipping and cracking. It's also manufactured to withstand all types of weather.

How to choose acrylic letters signboard design:

  • First choose your font. We’ll show you different set of highly creative fonts or you have the option to give your own font.
  • Next choose the font size. Its typically based on your sign board size. We suggest you make sure you order the right size.
  • Next choose the installation method.
  • Next step is to choose the thickness which ranges from ¼ inch to 1 inch⅛: to 1” thick.
  • Finally choose your color. The smaller thickness is pigmented while the larger is painted.

Acrylic Letters Sign Boards Installation

Acrylic letters can be virtually installed on any wall surface including interior office drywall, exterior brick, stone and metal. Every order also comes with an installation manual based on the type of design you choose and the surface you are going to use.

There are many different ways to install Acrylic letters and numbers based on the surface and size of the design. For example, letters under 6” for indoor installation can be installed by just using double sided tape. For outsiode installation we suggest you to use stud mounting method, especially for large letters that are heavier to make sure they do not fall off. For attaching to any wall or other flat surface, standoff spacers will be the right option. Also standoff spacers allow you to put led lighting behind the letter to get that glow look at night if your sign is outdoors. For professional help, we also provide sophisticated installation services of your Acrylic sign boards at a very cost effective rate. Our team of professional installation experts will have your boards installed within a short turn-around time. Chennai signbaords assure you, you will be very much satisfied with our quality of work

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